Open Source Applications

iTM has expertise in open source development; consultants with in depth experience in competency assessment, planning, and building an open source practice back our services. We build on this and offer further value to an engagement through:  Our domain and technology experts combined with a structured delivery process, superior project mentoring, and risk assessment capabilities ensure an unmatched service experience.

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Database Services

iTM’s expertise and DBA service offerings deliver the combination of flexibility, reliability, security and performance. iTM provides expert database management services for several database environments with an unmatched level of service, support and affordability.

Web Design and Development

We understand the importance of website design, and we ensure to engage & gain the confidence of the users. iTM creates unique branding elements and web design, to work hand in hand, not only on online & print materials, but with overall communications and dissemination strategy. Web design influences how people view your organization, it is a representation of your organization, and people may use it to make a decision on whether your company is credible, and trustworthy.

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GIS / Mapping

iTM has experts with experience in thematic mapping.  We can help organizations maximize their geospatial needs, provide BI solutions and customized data deliverables, allowing efficient use of geospatial data for a range of projects. Essentially we combine geographic information with relevant tools and help derive actionable insights.

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Mobile Applications

At iTM, we have a team of hotshot mobile developers.  Our understanding of iPhone, Android, iPad and Hybrid mobile technologies enables us to bring a high level of expertise to the client’s requirements. We understand all aspects of mobile development including user-experience, design, performance, and security. We know how to build mobile apps that can rise to the clients needs, no matter how large.

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User Experience and Interface Design

Our designs are purposefully optimized aesthetics, the desired user experience and optimal platform performance. iTM designers create uniquely branded user interfaces that truly represent applications without compromising its usability. We ensure that the design process of an interface is in balance with the meaning of its visual elements and the user experience (UX) of those elements from a technical engineering perspective.

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Print and Digital Infographics

At iTM, graphic design is a creative process undertaken in order to convey a specific message to a targeted audience. We have extensive knowledge and experience of the communicative landscape in which Governments, UN organizations and institutions operate. Concept design and visual identity are among our key competences. We offer our clients strategic insight into the task of creating a concept design and establishing its subsequent visual translation. Our designers develop unique Infographics and data visualizations aimed to present data in new and accessible, intuitive ways.

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