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Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as the Global Goals, are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030. For these goals to become a catalyst of change on global sustainable development will largely depend on the world’s ability to transition to new governance for sustainability that recognizes the roles and responsibilities of local and subnational governments.

It is imperative to have innovative technology solutions to collect data and measure progress of SDGs. Building on the Team iTM's strength of 15 years of extensive experience in supporting MDGs data management, monitoring, dissemination and capacity building, we offer following support tools and services.

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SDG Tools and Services

SDG Interactive Data Dashboard

•    Cloud-based Open-Source SDG reporting and monitoring solution
•    Quick search for various SDG Indicators by Goals
•    View the SDG indicator performance thematically in the world geo-spatial map
•    Use map features like Zooming, Panning, Labels, North Sign and Scale
•    View the data in table and monitor the performance of the indicator by area
•    Drill-down to the country to view country profile by SDGs
•    Expand and Collapse the Goals, Targets and Indicators to view data by area and its performance
•    Customizable charts to view the select indicator and its stratifier by time period in various charts
•    Download the charts and share them on social media
•    Customize and view the multi-dimensional data over time period in an animated bubble chart
•    Customize and view the ranking of the area by indicators
•    Generate SDG monitoring report for an area
•    Collect Citizens Vote data and visualize the voting data in animated charts
•    Register and view your data in the dashboard

SDG Interactive Data Dashboard can be customized at Regional, National and Sub-national levels or even for a specific Sustainable Development Goal !


Please connect with us for a                                        or simply click on the image below to see it live !

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SDG Data Intelligence Platform
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iTM in its commitment to partnerships for SDGs has designed and developed an exciting new open-source platform to monitor, track and disseminate SDG data. This integrated platform allows users to collect, process, aggregate, analyze, disseminate and evaluate data. This platform is has been designed and developed by iTM and complys with Statistical Data and Metadata eXchange (SDMX) standards. XO Platform enables Policy Decision Makers, Researchers, Academicians, Anthropologists and others interested in tracking SDGs to perform easy analysis via innovative visualizations and tools for exploring data from global data sources.We trust in providing open source solutions to tackle socio-economic challenges to achieve SDGs.

A need to adopt a robust M&E platform will be the key decision. XOinfo is one such M&E platform developed to help track, monitor and report on the SDGs and National Development Plans, and such other results frameworks. It is a user-friendly and web-based digital platform, which will improve communication and coordination gaps. Using cutting-edge communication approaches it will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of National Development Plans roll out and implementation, including communication of SDGs and national results, and significantly affect the monitoring and evaluation phase through establishing advanced communication channels and enhanced transparency and openness of the implementation process. The platform keeps everyone engaged as one-stop shop where people can find latest information and contents.

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iTech Mission supports the assessment of SDG data availability and gaps

iTech Mission provides assistance in design, development and production of national SDG dashboards and reports

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iTech Mission supports the alignment of SDG indicator framework with M&E framework of national development plans

iTech Mission supports the assessment of national data ecosystems to identify the specific needs of policy-makers and development stakeholders

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iTech Mission supports capacity building for policy-makers and other development stakeholders to use analytical tools and methodologies that leverage data and statistics for sustainable development

iTech Mission supports methodological development and norm setting for selected SDG indicators under the guidance of relevant thematic clusters and in line with existing working mechanisms.

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iTech Mission provides web and mobile based systems for data collection and reporting of SDG indicators at all geographic levels

iTech Mission provides implementation and support of cutting-edge approaches and emerging trends in the field of statistics for development, data innovations and inclusive data ecosystems

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